Part of the things we take with seriousness is responsible for gambling. The ideal environment we intend creating is the fun place whereby players can enjoy themselves playing the table games and slot. Also, provision is made to help people who are addicted to gambling, or they have bad habits towards gambling. The things we can do depending on activity include;

  • Give support and the names of organizations
  • Exclude you when you request all emails, promotions and some other communications
  • Ban you from our casino
  • Set-up strict deposit limit

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Additional help can be at


If we notice that some players are underage, we will ban them because they are not fit for gambling

  • The installation of software that is age restrictive
  • Try and password your account
  • Do not allow minor to operate your computer
  • Give your kids the proper orientation about the danger of underage gambling
  • Privatize your casino and computer program

Just in case you know anybody that is below 18 years and has registered with CryptoReels. Please do well by notifying our support team as soon as possible