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This casino is mostly concerned with given the players the best experience in the gaming world. Players are given them ample opportunity to fund their accounts, making use of Bitcoin. Automatically this keeps you anonymous ensuring total safety.

Some players may not be that familiar to using Bitcoin as a deposit, and this is the primary reason why the steps to take have been explained below, then you can make secure deposit and withdrawal. All transactions are processed within just an hour, this makes it an easy way for you to fund your account

Of course Bitcoin is renowned for its privacy, and this is what players so much love. For you to open an account and get into play, you will need a valid email address. There is no checks, forms, and the only real entertainment is at your disposal without having to undergo any itch


While talking about the spending of our cash on an online game, of course, nothing is as worse as being worried about the safety of your confidential. The fact is that you don’t have to worry about those things as you can now make use of Bitcoin as a payment method.

The encryption used is a kind of advanced encryption that will ensure your transaction and financial details are safe. Of course, All your activities on the platform are very reliable, as the.

There was a time we heard about the fact that Tom Cruise turned down the opportunity to the star in mission impossible. Bitcoin hacking happens to be a code that is hard to decrypt.

All the activities carried out on this casino is anonymous. Even Batman should not worry about this, and no one is going to know the fact that your real name is Bruce Wayne while depositing on this casino. It’s only when the transaction has reached its destination that the code will be decrypted


A saying goes thus, “slow and steady wins the race.” That does not have relevance with this casino has there is no time to be waiting for an international transaction. Imagine how cool it is to send funds without having to go through some rigorous bank process. In short, sending money through bank transfers can take days, but using Bitcoin is within a few minutes

BitcoinSTEP 1 – Try creating a wallet

It operates just like a real cash bank account, and you will need somewhere to keep the record of your transaction. Just before you get on with your transaction, there will be a need for creation for an online wallet

Breadwallet – This is part of the app we recommend, and you can download it, making use of iOS or Android. Part of the fantastic features include the security features, and you can as well play while on the move making use of the casino that can be accessed

Players who prefer a desktop app can recommend Electrum. This is very easy, and there is a quick recovery of the wallet in case you forget the access. If you wish to make a comparison o the different kinds of the portfolio, you can check out the handy comparison guide.

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